Welcome to Morongo Basin ARCH!

Welcome to Morongo Basin ARCH!

Welcome to Morongo Basin ARCH!Welcome to Morongo Basin ARCH!Welcome to Morongo Basin ARCH!

Aligning Resources, Challenging    Homelessness

Information on ARCH Homes and Pathways Network Project

Availability of a Living Space in an ARCH home - 3/24/20

Because of the Covid-19 we are NOT taking new clients in our homes at this time.

We are still available for Pathway Network clients. Please follow the directions below.

Basin ARCH has 2 homes in 29 Palms, Ca, one for women and one for men. We do not advertise the addresses of the homes to protect confidentiality. These homes are run as sober livings. Guests may be on probation or parole. Up to 6 people live in a home. There are two twin beds in each room. Both homes are  3 bedrooms with the women's 1 & 2/3 bathrooms and the men's 1 & 1/2 bathrooms. The living space cost is $400 a month. Both homes are swamp cooled, have washers and dryers, 2 refrigerators and all house supplies are provided. 

All potential guests are evaluated for suitability to homes the first weeks of stay.

The duplex is furnished. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is only for homeless families with children. No more then 5 people in a unit. Pets are ok.

Women's  Home status  3 vacancies at this time

Men's Home status No vacancy at this time 

Family Home in Joshua Tree Has no vacancies at this time. Entry is by 211 and San Bernardino Pathways Network


 Pathways Network Project   - For possible help with adverting a foreclosure or move in costs for CES (211) approved homelessness contact 909-755-9193. Must call 211 first and then fill out form on . An agency or nonprofit may contact you if you qualify for their program. You must have a regular income for this program.

Business Hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday by appointment only. After hours leave a message.


2020 Up Coming Events and What Happened!

East Valley Steering Committee March 19 Was canceled due to virus

There is a new committee in our area that is replacing HAVEN. It is the East Valley Steering Committee. It will meet on March 19 at 10 am at the Sportsman Center. The purpose of the committee has not changed. It was formed to help the homeless population. The committee is made up of representatives from the cities, government agencies and nongovernment organizations such as nonprofits. Funding is coming from the state to address our local needs. This committee will discuss the needs, and target the direction for grant proposals. I sit on the board representing Morongo Basin ARCH. How do you want us to help the homeless? Let us know. Come to the meeting or email me. We want to hear ideas on how to lower our homeless population.

Astrid Johnson, President  

Fire Station in Panorama Heights opened in March

This will be our office for Pathways Network assistance to prevent or end homelessness. Clients must have a regular income. Appointments will be by arrangement only from Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm to begin intake. Look above for process and contact information.

Thank you to HAVEN who covered our deposit required by County Fire Protection for our contract. Thank you also to the Sportsman Club and Wayne Hamilton who contributed funds to help open the office. We appreciate the support we received. 

Point In Time Count -----January 23, 2020

The Point In Count Time was a great success! Thank you to all the volunteers who braved the cold morning to count the homeless. We should get totals in a month.  Thank you to Wayne Hamilton who oversaw the operation.  We are still waiting for results of the count

Del Taco Fundraiser ----- January 30, 2020 in 29 Palms

Despite problems with the cash registers, we had fun and made money. Thank you to the volunteers who came from our homes to pass out the tickets. Thank you to Del Taco in Twentynine Palms for supporting us.

Thank You So Much for Your Donation!

Thank you to the anonymous donors in 2019 who gave us generous donations! Your donations came at just the right time to help us cover a rent bill or utilities bill. 

Thank you so much for the generous, anonymous corporate donation in February  that covered our new rental payment. So much appreciated.  

And again, thank you to the donors that helped open the Fire Station. They are Haven, Sportsman Club, Wayne Hamilton, the Hoffmans, the Clarks and the Yucca Valley Rotaries.

In Remembrance of Beulah Didion and Our New Men's Home

 Sadly our patroness passed last year. We appreciated her support of our nonprofit. We have now moved the Men's House to a new location. It is still in 29 Palms. Thank you to the family that stepped up with a rental and helped us move into a great new home. We love it!


Donation Requests FOR PROGRAMS

We always appreciate cash donations to support our operating expenses.

We need gently used bath towels for  homes.

We need tall dressers for bedrooms for homes.

We need dog or cat fosters.

Can you help?


Pet Fostering Network

Additional Information

Our New Project:

Companion Animal Fostering Network

Fostering Network

We need homes that will foster a companion animal for a short stay. Please contact us on what breed, size, sex for either a dog or cat you will foster.


About Us

Challenging Homelessness in Action

Morongo Basin ARCH (Aligning Resources Challenging Homelessness) is a 501C3 non-profit organization, We began in 2008 by meeting the needs of the homeless in the Morongo Basin in California.. We have two major programs, food and sheltering, Our food program is a weekly Drive Around Program in 29 Palms. We feed about 20 people during the week. We also have a quarterly program of bagged can food. Our second program is sheltering. We haver 2 sober living homes in 29 Palms. We can house up to 12 people. One home is for women only and the other is for men. We have other programs as well for the homeless. We have bridge housing in a duplex for families with children in Joshua Tree. Contact us for laundry vouchers and clothing for the homeless. We also have a companion animal foster network for temporary care. Lastly we manage Pathways Network for the Morongo Basin. This program helps with eviction prevention and rapid rehousing. We are actively Aligning Resources and Challenging Homelessness!

Contact Us

Monthly meetings are held on a Thursday in the month at 11:30 am at the  Lutheran Church at 6336 Hallee Road in Joshua Tree. 

Morongo Basin ARCH

E-Mail: Phone the President : Ms. Astrid Johnson at 760-861-6433


Donate to Morongo Basin ARCH

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


How we raise money for our projects

Twentynine Palms fundraiser - Cash for Trash 2019 

Great turn out for our block clean up. See our picture. - >


We Feed the Homeless in 29 Palms-

Our Drive Around Meal Program is suspended due to the Covid -19

Morongo Basin ARCH is sponsoring a Drive Around Meal Program in 29 Palms. This program was funded by the City of 29 Palms in August of 2018. We pass out about 15 bags of nonperishable food once or twice a week to the homeless in 29 Palms. We also are concerned for the wellbeing of the homeless. Personal hygiene, sleeping bags, water are also supplied as needed. We encourage using 211 and Pathways for help reaching the Coordinated Entry System for the Homeless in San Bernardino County.

2019 Winter Food Give Away

Our Christmas Canned Food and Toiletries Bags. We made 40 bags. They were passed out in 29 Palms and throughout the Basin. Food and toiletries came from a local church and a club.

We give out bags of canned goods too!


MB ARCH Dec 2017 Food Bag Drive

From the funds and donations we put together over 35 bags of goodies for the homeless. Some bags go to the 29 Palms Senior Center, some bags to the Y.V. Santa Fe Club, Other bags are passed out during next couple of weeks to homeless people on the streets by our drive around crew.


MB ARCH Dec 2016 Food Bag Drive

One of our goals was to do a food bag giveaway once a quarter. This is one we did in Dec 2016. We did one in March, June and Sept of 2016.

We gave out 20 to 25 bags each quarter to the homeless or people in need. Your donations help us do this each quarter. Thank You for your donations and time. 


MB ARCH Christmas Bags 2018

35 bags for our Christmas bag  give away in 2018.  Thank you Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints in 29 Palms for your generous donation of canned goods for our bags   

Thank You to Our Supporters!

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS


Thank you to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Say Saints in Twentynine Palms for their generous donation of canned goods for our Christmas Bags..

Lutheran Church of the Desert

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS


Thank you Pastor Bea Chambers for all your support!  This is our home base!

Morongo Basin

The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS

Morongo Basin


Thank you to all who have donated furniture to our homes and supported our fundraisers, Thank you!

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Del Taco in 29 Palms

The City of Twentynine Palms

The City of Twentynine Palms


Thank you Del Taco in Twentynine Palms for hosting our three fundraisers for our homes!

The City of Twentynine Palms

The City of Twentynine Palms

The City of Twentynine Palms


Thank you Twentynine Palms for supporting our Drive Around Meal  Program this year! We have been feeding on average 15  homeless a week. Thank you for Cash for Trash!

Z 107.7 FM

The City of Twentynine Palms

Morongo Basin Transit Authority


Thank you to Z 107.7 FM for promoting our Del  Taco Fundraiser on November 29, 2018

Morongo Basin Transit Authority

Morongo Basin Transit Authority

Morongo Basin Transit Authority


Thank you for the grant of day bus passes for the guests at the ARCH homes. They are greatly appreciated.

Joshua Tree Laundry

Morongo Basin Transit Authority

Blessed Sacrament Thrift Shop


Thank you for supporting our laundry voucher program. We appreciate your partnership!

Blessed Sacrament Thrift Shop

Morongo Basin Transit Authority

Blessed Sacrament Thrift Shop


Thank you for partnering with us in providing a new set of clothes to a homeless person. 

More Help ...

Need more help? Crisis Walk-In Center

Crisis Walk-In Center - 760-365-2233   7293 Dumosa Ave Yucca Valley, Ca 92284

TAY Center for teens and young adults

TAY Center is for 16 to 25 year old homeless individuals in the Morongo Basin area. Call  (760)  853-4888


Showering is available at 28 Palms Fitness Center on 73782 Two Mile Road, 29 Palms, down behind Circle K on Adobe Road. Saturday after 3:00 pm cost $5.00


Quarterly voucher available through Blessed Sacrament Thrift Shop at 5798 Adobe Road in 29 Palms. 


Vouchers available for Joshua Tree Laundromat at 29 Palms Senior Center - See Robin. Vouchers are Numbered and for only $7.50 of laundry.